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Genesis And Development In The Design Of Ecigs

It is the design of the electronic cigarettes that has made it so stylish and appealing that more and more smokers and even adolescents are taking on to it. Though, the use of adolescents is a growing concern among nations, the benefits and positive impacts of these electronic cigarettes cannot be overlooked. It is the chemical components of these cigarettes that help even the most active smoker to give up smoking, for good.

The different types and designs

You will come across different types of electronic cigarettes in the market. Some the common types are:

  • Disposable electronic cigarettes – These types of e-cigarettes, also known as e-hookah, are shaped just like any traditional cigarette and look the same in size, shape and color. It contains a battery and a cartridge that contains the atomizer that helps in heating the e-liquid solution that may or may not contain nicotine. Just as the name suggests, you cannot recharge or refill these types of e-cigarettes and therefore have to throw it away once it stops producing an aerosol.
  • Rechargeable electronic cigarettes – These are also shaped just like a traditional cigarette and consist of a battery that connects with the atomizer to heat up the solution that typically contains nicotine in it. The unique feature of these types of electronic cigarettes is that it contains an element to regulate the duration of puff and also controls the number of puffs you can take consecutively.
  • Pen style rechargeable electronic cigarettes – These type of electronic cigarettes are medium sized but are usually larger than a traditional cigarette. These cigarettes often come with a battery of higher capacity and a prefilled cartridge. It may also contain a refillable cartridge known as Clearomizer. It also contains a unique switch that can be operated manually to control the frequency and the length of the puffs.
  • Tank style rechargeable electronic cigarettes – These cigarettes are of the largest size and are much larger than any other conventional cigarette. These also contain a high capacity battery and usually contain a large refillable cartridge. It comes with a manual switch to regulate puffs and also contains a battery casing that allows you to customize the capacity of the batteries. The unique feature of these electronic cigarettes is that you can easily modify it according to your wish.

The primary intention to design these ENDS products just like a traditional tobacco cigarette is to provide you with a visual feeling that you are smoking an actual cigarette. In the end, it is all in the minds and vision that stimulates your sensory and behavioral aspects of smoking not to forget the social aspects.

In addition to the above four types, several other electronic devices will deliver the same feeling of nicotine and other substances. These devices include e-cigars, e-hookahs, and e-pipes.

The main components

The Ecigs are composed of three main components such as the rechargeable lithium battery, a cartridge containing the liquid nicotine and a vaporizing chamber.

The lithium battery is the most critical part of all electronic cigarettes. The primary function of the battery is to activate the entire device and charge the atomizer that is usually contained inside the cartridge.

The vaporizing chamber is also known as the atomizer and is responsible for heating and vaporizing the liquid nicotine contained within the cartridge. There is a LED indicator attached to one end of the battery that becomes active when you inhale the vapor. This triggers the LED light display to red. When you stop inhaling the vapor or if the charge of the battery is low this LED light will switch off.

Working process of the electronic cigarette

The working process of the electronic cigarette is pretty simple though there is a lot of science and mechanical as well as chemical factors and functionality involved.

  • When you want to activate an electronic cigarette once again, you will need to press the activation button if it comes with one or merely inhale the vapor. When you do so, the air flow in the device signals the built-in sensor in the lithium battery which in turn activates the vaporizing chamber.
  • The vaporizing chamber now, in turn, converts the nicotine containing in the cartridge into a vapor that you inhale. When you exhale, the vapor comes into contact with the outside air and the moisture in it and condenses that you can see as a thick and dense fog.

The end result is that you feel like you are smoking an actual cigarette and get the same feeling of nicotine as well.

Different generations of electronic cigarettes

Over the years, the electronic cigarette industry has continued to evolve, and newer and better are designed and brought to the market.

  • In 2003, the first generation e-cigarette was introduced that resembled traditional cigarettes. These were usually very cheap and easily accessible. These cigarettes were disposable most of the times.
  • The second generation saw the medium sized electronic cigarettes and was favored by more experienced smokers or traditional cigarette. However, these cigarettes were larger and came with a battery and a separate tank. It also contained clearomizer, but there was no atomizer.
  • The third generation of e-cigarettes saw the larger type of the second generation electronic cigarette. As these were usually modifications, these e-cigarettes are often referred to as ‘mods.’ It came in different sizes and shapes in the market and typically contained a cylindrical box for customizing the tank. You can also modify how much e-liquid to contain along with the voltage of the battery and the output of the device.
  • The fourth is the most recent development in electronic cigarettes and are considered to be the most potent and advanced device available currently on the market. These cigarettes typically contain a cylindrical box made from stainless steel. The unique feature of this device is that it includes a temperature regulating system along with a lower resistance coil. This produces larger volumes of more flavorful vapors.

Since 2003, this industry has seen different generations of electronic cigarettes that have unique and signature features of its own.