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Ways to enhance personal connection with your horse

Animals have refined and acute instincts than humans! It is the reason why we humans love to communicate with them and have them around us. And that’s just not true for a beagle or a Persian cat. It’s true even for your horse. Usually, when a person owns a horse, he/she has to build a stable for its shelter. A horse unlike a dog or cat can’t roam around in your living room or sit quietly at your study. But that shouldn’t cut the chances of your developing a personal connection with your horse. Research and studies reveal that the mental health of a horse depends to a huge extent on how well connected it is to the master or owner.

Whether it’s the horses in the Meadowlands or your private stable – a personal connection is essential. And if you are unaware of how to go about it, you can refer to some of the useful pointers as follows:

  1. Invest sufficient time for your horse

Have you assigned your horse a trained vet and a personal trainer? If yes, then that’s not where your responsibilities end. To make sure that your horse has a healthy mental state, your personal involvement is essential. So, make ample time from your schedule and devote it to know your horse better. It will enable you to read the invisible signs and amp up the horse care regime if required. For instance, when you read the silent signs, you know whether your horse in nursing an internal or external wound, invisible to the eyes. Similarly, you know whether your horse has imbibed any fear memories in it that needs to be released at the earliest.

  1. Take an interest in horse grooming sessions

From cleaning the hoofs, polishing the body and arranging the mane, your horse care personnel do it all. However, if you spend some time when your horse is getting a wash or a trim of its mane, it makes the horse feel good. Horses love to stay connected with their owners. And your presence adds to their happiness and mental peace also, if you can make arrangements for an equine massage, as it is very useful in reducing the stress levels of the horse.  You can appoint a trained equine masseur to this task, as not everyone is skilled for the task and you want to ensure that your horse gets the best from all the grooming initiatives that you are arranging for.

  1. Pat and touch your horse often

Body touch is a sign of intimacy and care. And animals love it when their owners and masters show them affection through fond touch and patting. Take time out from your daily routine and spend a few minutes just patting your horse on the back and gently stroking its forehead. It will relax your horse and allow you to understand the subtle clues that your horse is passing on to you.

Having a well-connected and meaningful relationship with your horse is one of the beautiful and soulful bonds you can cherish. However, it comes with a little work and paying attention to your horse. You may consider following the tips mentioned above to start to develop a close and connected bond with your horse.