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What to Do After an Uber Accident

Contact the Police and Request That They Come to the Scene of the Accident to Investigate

You need to call the police. Even if someone else says they have already done it, you should still do it so you can ensure the accident is investigated and documented properly. When the police make it to the scene, tell them everything you know about how the accident happened and what has gone on since then. They should take the time to talk to all the drivers, all the passengers and any independent witnesses so they can determine who was at fault. Be sure you collect your own evidence, too, though. Take pictures of all the vehicles that were involved and all the people who were involved, as well as pictures of the scene that show where the accident took place and if there were any environmental factors that contributed to it. When the police are done with their investigation, they will write a report summarizing the investigation’s results. Ask them for a copy of their report and keep it for your records.

Get Insurance Information and Contact Information from Everyone Who Was Involved in the Accident

Obtaining every driver’s insurance information is extremely important for you to do. Without insurance information from all the drivers who were involved in the accident, you will not be able to make any claims for your injuries with their car insurance companies. In addition to the drivers’ insurance information, you should get names and contact information from any passengers who were in the other vehicles. Phone numbers or e-mail addresses should be sufficient if you need to get in touch with them later to see if they will give a written statement or provide oral testimony about what happened before, during and after the accident. If all else fails, take a look at the police report. Driver contact information, driver insurance information and witness contact information is usually documented there, so be sure to keep a copy of it with the rest of your accident-related documents.

Get Medical Treatment from a Professional As Soon After the Accident As You Can

Find a way to get to a nearby medical facility—whether you end up at an urgent-care center, a doctor’s office or a hospital’s emergency department—as soon as you can after the accident. You can take an ambulance or get a ride from someone you know. Just get yourself there in short order. Having a professional examine you and start treating you quickly will help keep your injuries from getting any worse than they already are. Getting an examination right away could also help you identify injuries you did not even realize you sustained. Your health should be your top priority at this point, so do not delay your treatment.

Document Everything and Keep All Your Documents Someplace Secure

When you file your claims against the parties who were responsible for causing the accident, you will need extensive evidence to back up the allegations you make. The responsible parties’ insurance companies will insist on knowing who the police determined caused the accident, whether there were any environmental factors that contributed to the accident, what specific injuries you suffered as a result of the accident, where you received medical treatment, what types of treatment you received, how much your treatment cost, whether you missed any work and what amount of earnings you lost if you did have to miss work. If you want to be able to prove all of this, be sure to keep copies of the police report, your medical records, your medical bills and documentation from your employer outlining your lost earnings if you were forced to miss any work due to your injuries.

Contact an Uber Accident Lawyer to Advise You of Your Rights and Represent Your Interests

You do not want to be forced to accept any insurance settlement that does not fully compensate you for your injuries. Finding an experienced Uber accident lawyer who knows how to determine your case’s fair value and knows how to persuade the insurance companies to compensate you appropriately could be what makes the difference between you being saddled with accident-related debt and being made financially whole. Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys frequently view claimants who do not have attorneys as easy marks who will be highly motivated to take the first settlement offer that comes their way, regardless of whether the offer is fair to them. Do not let them take advantage of you just so they can save some money. Contact an Uber accident lawyer to put yourself on the path to receiving maximum compensation for your injuries.