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What are the best ways to wear a scarf for Men?

Scarves refer to such accessories that you can wear in any form and it does not lose its charm. Cashmere scarves suppliers offer some of the best scarves for women as well as women. Of course, it is advisable to follow the rules of carrying a certain type, but if you come in for a business dinner wrap, a French knot, no one will say anything. Go directly to the methods:


Drap is the simplest way to tie a scarf. To do this, all you have to do is throw a scarf around your neck and just let your heads hang on both sides. This method favors people, have their own car, because this method is absolutely no protection against the cold, crash, say so, beauty. Very often this way of wearing a scarf is called spread. A scarf, draped around its neck, most should be paired with a jacket or business suit. It is inexpensive to transport wealthy people at a business meeting.

Bring that scarf in a different color from the rest of the outfit, otherwise it will only blend in and not produce the desired effect.


This method adds a touch of romance to the look. In order to perform this knot, you need to fold the scarf in half, throw it in the neck, after that, the two ends, hanging with one hand stretching between the resulting loops, on the other side.

This scarf is not only a stylish component, and provides protection from the wind, soa you can safely tie a knot during cold weather. This method also looks great with a jacket or trench coat, but especially good it looks like a leather jacket or black leather jackets. This option is better to dress for a date with a woman, or a friendly meeting.


The method is also definitely not difficult. In order to make a traditional one knot, you have to throw the scarf so, at one end, was a little longer than the other. Continue to take the head for so long and do one round around the neck. You can adjust the ends so they were smooth, or make them casually fall in different directions.

This method also helps protect your health during cold weather and is the most common way to tie a scarf. It is advisable to take longer scarf for this procedure, you can take at least, 30 cm scarf each side.

Such a style can be worn with a plain jacket or vest. It is not suitable for business meetings; this is more of an everyday option.


It is a slightly more complicated variation of the previous method. In this option, you have to do two rounds instead of one. Such a method is invented on a very cold day, however, he looks worse. Whenever you desire, you can tie the heads between them, it gives extra heat to the body, and you can also tie so, so ends up in the fall ass, whether to hide the heads between the layers of scarf.

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