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How to Write Career Objective for Resume as a Fresher

As a fresher, when you initiate the job hunting process the very first step to undertake is building a strong resume. Since you lack experience, your resume should highlight your field, career goals and the skills you possess, especially the ones that make you perfect for the job you are seeking. The career objective in a resume summarizes all of this. It is that element of a resume that a recruiter will read right after reading a candidate's name. Therefore, it is crucial to write a strong and eye-catching career objective for a resume for freshers. 

The main goal of a Career objective is to pitch you as the perfect candidate to the recruiters. Apart from your skills and career goals, you can also include your internship experience in a career objective. Showing an internship in the relevant field or department will improve your chance to stand out. Do not assume that as a fresher it is not possible to write an impressive eye-catching career objective. There are many ways to write a creative career objective. 

Tips on Writing a Career Objective for Resume for Freshers

  • Keep It Simple: A career objective is typically 2-3 lines long, so remember to not overdo it. Keep it simple. There is nothing worse than a cluttered, overcrowded and messy resume. Use the space of your resume wisely and pack your career objective with your best bits. 
  • Straightforward: A recruiter can easily tell when a candidate is trying too hard to be someone they are not. Do not let your career objective give that first impression. Be honest and straightforward without bragging or sugarcoating any information. 
  • Match The Profile: It is possible for you to be interested in more than one job role. Make sure to write a career objective that matches the profile you are going to interview for. Do not use the same career objective for different job roles. This is because it is not possible that the same skills or goals will match all the job requirements.
  • SkillSet: Remember to mention the skills that make you perfect for the job. However, at the same time do not overdo it. Make sure to include only the best and relevant parts. Do not add unnecessary skills that have no context in terms of the role you are interviewing for. 
  • Trait: Try to start your career objective with a trait about yourself. This will not only provide structure to your career objective but also make it eye-catching. Just remember to add a relevant trait. For example, responsible, innovative, passionate, creative, etc. 
  • Certifications: If you have done any relevant certification courses that can make you a strong candidate for the job, make sure to include that in your career objective. For example, "A certified Digital Marketing expert".

Examples of Career Objectives for Resume for Freshers

Career Objective for Marketing

  • A hardworking marketing graduate seeking to attain the position of an executive in a reputed company where I can utilize my creativity and excellent communication skills to expand their clientele and assist in achieving organizational goals.
  • A certified marketing expert with a six-month internship experience at [company name]. Excellent knowledge of marketing principles and a deep understanding of online marketing with the ability to boost organic traffic. Seeking a role that will help me exercise my skills and grow further. 

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Career Objective for Finance

  • Recent graduate in Finance with a passion for numbers seeking an entry-level position in an esteemed organization in the finance field to enhance my skills of financial planning and reporting and serve as an asset to the organization.
  • A talented individual with internship experience in the relevant field looking for the position of a Financial Analyst in an esteemed organization. Self-motivated with proficient analytical and quantitative skills and the ability to improve a company's finances. 

Career Objective for HR

  • Highly motivated college graduate seeking an entry-level HR executive position at an organization that allows me to utilize my skills and knowledge as well as gain practical experience in my field. 
  • Seeking an HR executive role at an esteemed organization that allows me to utilize my communication as well as interviewing and problem-solving skills to help them expand their business.

Career Objective for Engineers

  • Highly technical and analytical software engineer with a six-month internship.experience and proficiency in programming languages. Looking to work in a challenging start-up environment that helps me learn and grow every step of the way. 
  • Seeking an entry-level position in the field of civil engineering which will help me utilize my internship experience as well as university knowledge to build and work at a project from start to finish.

Career Objective for Travel Consultant

  • A college graduate in Travel and Tourism, seeking the role of a junior travel consultant in a reputed travel agency that offers a challenging environment with constant learning opportunities. 
  • A Travel and Tourism graduate with a deep understanding of client relations and curating budget packages. Looking for a challenging role in the tourism industry that helps me put my skills to use. 

Career Objective for Graphic Designer

  • Seeking the role of a Junior Graphic Designer in an esteemed organization that helps me utilize my creativity as well as visual arts skills to optimum use. Proficient at creating illustrations and design layouts.
  • Diploma in Graphic Designing, looking to build a career in graphic designing with an agency that provides a creative yet challenging work environment. The ability to translate ideas as well as thoughts into designs. 

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Career Objective for Teacher

  • A self-motivated individual seeking the position of a Science teacher to share my knowledge and passion with the students as well as help them develop a knowledge base in the same. B.Ed from [University Name].
  • A graduate in Education, looking for the role of a school teacher in economics and maths. Holds a deep passion for teaching, with an excellent academic background as well as great communication skills. 

Career Objective for Sales

  • Internship experience of six-months in Sales, recent graduate seeking to secure a position as a Junior Sales Executive. Excellent relationship and networking skills with good communication skills wanting to work in a fast-paced environment with a reputed company. 
  • MBA in Marketing seeking to work at a product agency as a sales professional with deep knowledge and understanding of how to generate leads and increase business revenue.

Writing a career objective for resume for a fresher might seem difficult at first, however, despite the lack of experience, there is so much content that can be packed within 50-100 words. Just remember to be honest and precise about what you are putting out there. Your career objective is your USP. It will sell you as a candidate to the recruiter. The recruiter will only give it one look, so make it count!

About the Author – Washija Kazim

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