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Tactics Special Investigators Use When on a Case

There are a number of reasons why more and more people are now hiring private investigators. Right from the cases of a cheating spouse to a fraud business partner, a private investigator can help you to catch them all. Wondering how they do it? There are effective tactics that they use to when on a case.

Special investigators are often required to don multiple hats at one time. There are a number of tasks up to their sleeves; thus, they use these tactics to solve those cases. Let’s have a look at some of these tactics:

Detailed Notes

One of the basic tactic used by special investigators is that they take detailed notes of the person they are investigating. If accurate, this information can come in handy for the attorneys to turn the court decision in favor of their client. For this purpose, the conventional way is to use a pen and paper. However, some special investigator may also use a laptop or voice recorder for this purpose. The information they typically take note of is the whereabouts of their vehicles. Furthermore, they also note down the addresses they frequently visit.

Use of Advanced Technology for Surveillance

Special investigators typically use advanced equipment in order to conduct surveillance. Small-sized cameras with clear HD vision and crystal-clear sound are easily available on the market. They come with certain advanced features such as reduced movement, night-time recording, noise reduction etc. Investigators rely on them for recording the video that can be presented in the court.

Such equipment is used by them since if the audio or video quality of the recording is poor, it would prove to be of no help to their client. Thus, all their effort, time, and resources will go in drain.

Apart from cameras and audio devices, the use of GPS trackers is also extremely common with special investigators. These trackers are hidden in the vehicles of the target to keep an eye on them even if they aren’t following them.

Maintain Anonymity

Special investigators are required to trail their target all the time. However, this makes them vulnerable to be caught as continuously following a person can make them suspicious; thus, alarmed. The key tactic used here by the special investigators is that they blend effortlessly in the crowd and maintain anonymity. This helps them to keep an eye on their target and gather the required information and evidences.

Most of them use mini-vans for following their target as they can easily carry their equipment in them. if they have the services of an assistant, they can let them drive the car and keep an eye on their target by sitting in the van’s back and watching them through tinted glass.

Noticing Small Signs

There are numerous signs around us that generally do not look suspicious but if carefully looked on can give vital information. Special investigators specifically take note of these signs and abstract important information from them. For example, placement of certain things in the home, vehicle’s condition etc. They often take pictures of these signs in order to support evidence they have collected.

Keeping an Eye on the Mailbox and Other Small Details

An expert and experienced special investigator usually keeps an eye on the mailbox of the home of their target. This can help them to get hold of vital information. For example, from the letters hanging in the mailbox, they can get to know about their names of the inmates of the home. Other tactics they use to extract important information related to the inmates include noticing the lighting pattern of the rooms, number of vehicles in use etc.

Getting their Hands of Smartphone of the Target

While it is a really difficult tactic but, if the investigator is successful in doing so, it can prove to be extremely effective. Simply put, it is just like a wealth of evidence that they can use in the court in favor of their client.

Not Losing the Sight of the Target

Another basic but effective tactic! It is a must for every special investigator to not lose the sight of their target. For this purpose, they take note of the places their target frequently visits and map the entry and exit ways of those places. They make themselves completely familiar with the areas they most commonly visit. Apart from knowing the whereabouts of their target, this practice also comes in handy if the target is becoming suspicious of their presence. They can use alternate routes to reach the places they visit and keep an eye on them.

Final Thoughts

As the technology is evolving, more and more technology-based tactics are now becoming common with special investigators. Instead of relying on conventional methods that have become obsolete, they are now shifting to applying cutting-edge technological approaches and tactics to keep an eye on their target.

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This post was written by Specialized Investigation Consultants. Specialized Investigations Consultants is a professional Miami-based investigation company founded, owned and operated by current and retired law enforcement professionals. Our Miami-based investigations business serves all of South Florida with over 100 years of combined State, Federal and Local law enforcement experience.