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What is a VPN service and why do you need one these days?

Once you start using a VPN, it's like agreeing to the terms and conditions of taking all your online activities at a whole different level.

Without exaggeration, VPN technology is one of the most useful and user-friendly online tools. No wonder why it became so popular.

Before discussing why it's important to have a VPN installed on your device, let's focus on what is the VPN and how it can enhance your online experience.

So, without wasting any more time...

What is a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and this hype technology does exactly what its name suggests. So, by enabling a VPN connection on your device (no matter if we talk about PCs, laptops, smartphones, routers, or smart TVs), you are creating a private scope of communication between your device and the frightful World Wide Web. Therefore, anytime you will try to access a website on the Internet, the VPN will take care of your request by redirecting all your traffic through a VPN server. The private side of your connection is granted by the encryption that the VPN brings to your connection.

Therefore, it's super easy to say that the VPN not only acts as an imaginary bridge for your data, but it's also protecting you, if you are concerned about the privacy of your online data.

How does a VPN work?

The VPN technology is pretty complex, but this thing shouldn't scare you away, as there are VPN providers who make things pretty easy for VPN users. Before getting to that subject, let's understand how does the VPN work.

So, for a secure VPN connection, there are 3 major components involved: the VPN server, the encryption standard, and the VPN protocol.

Anytime a VPN connection is enabled, the user connects to the VPN server. This component, helped by the encryption standard will encrypt your traffic, which will be then guided by the VPN protocol to its destination on the web.

Why do you need a VPN in 2019?

The online world became more and more challenging. The VPN came as a saving solution for all the responsible internet users who are aware of this thing. If you're not using a VPN at the moment, but you're preoccupied about what happens with your online data, here's why you need a VPN:

  • Protect yourself on public WiFi. We all have at least one device connected to the internet. The best example is our smartphone. This compact device carries the most important and personal information about us. Anytime you connect to a public WiFi, you are automatically exposed to a series of online dangers like hackers, man-in-the-middle attacks, fake WiFi hotspots, viruses, and so on. As you cannot be sure what hides behind a public WiFi, you need to stay cautious and use a VPN to encrypt your traffic and secure your data.
  • Change your IP address. Your IP address is like that friend you cannot trust. Once you connect to the Internet, your IP address leaks a series of important information about you. Anytime you connect to a VPN server, you are automatically assigned a new IP address corresponding to the VPN server you choose for your connection. What does this mean? That all the traffic generated from that point on, cannot be associated with you. Therefore, the VPN will help you surf in complete anonymity.
  • Encrypt your traffic. Encrypting your traffic it's mandatory, especially if you're interested in keeping your online activities private in relation to your ISP or any other curious 3rd party. Data encryption is accomplished in a really simple way, just by successfully connecting to the VPN server. Keep in mind that, just like any other software, VPNs may have their flaws too. So, to be sure that you have successfully enabled the VPN connection, test your VPN before surfing the web.
  • Bypass geo-restrictions. Internet censorship is taking the internet by storm and the notion of an open internet no longer exists. The VPN is super helpful if you're interested in bypassing internet censorship and enjoying the internet without restrictions.
  • Access blocked websites. I don't know if you're aware, but social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, or services like Skype and Whatsapp are blocked in certain countries around the world. The same situation happens with media streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or Pandora. With the help of a VPN, you can enjoy an awesome online experience, as it's able to change your IP address, allowing you to successfully access blocked websites, wherever you are in the world.
  • Secure your torrenting activities. Downloading torrents it's not illegal, as long as you don't download or share copyrighted content. To download torrents like a pro, a VPN is recommended, as it helps you ensure your online security.
  • Avoid bandwidth throttling. If you're a heavy streamer or torrenter, your ISP may ban you, by throttling your connection. As the VPN keeps your online activities private, it will help you hide this secret from your ISP.

How to use a VPN service?

The VPN market is stuffed with VPN providers. Therefore, getting a VPN shouldn't be such a hard task to accomplish. Still, free VPNs are not an option if you're truly preoccupied with your online safety.

Once you've decided to subscribe to a reputable VPN service, you will need to decide how you want to use your new subscription.

There are plenty of options available:

  • Get the VPN app for your OS and enable the VPN with just a click.
  • Manually configure the VPN connection on your device.
  • Manually configure the VPN connection on your router.

As nobody has the time to swing between servers and protocols manually, the recommended approach would be to get the VPN app compatible with your device.

A VPN app is an automated software that integrates all the VPN components. So, with just a click on a button, your VPN connection will be enabled.

Online privacy, security, and anonymity in your control.

The VPN clearly enhances the way you surf the web. And, no, you don't have to be paranoid to care about your online security and what happens to your online data, as soon as you connect to the internet.

The Internet's evolution teaches us that we need to keep an open mind, be flexible, and ready to adapt to the latest digital trends.

Actually, the VPN is not a trend, the VPN is clearly a must!