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Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

Getting into any type of road accident is always a scary, overwhelming and stressful situation. However, if you are involved in an accident with a huge truck, it can be even worse due to the massive size and weight of the vehicle. People involved in such accidents frequently suffer severe injuries that may be catastrophic in nature, while others may even sadly be killed. However, if you are physically able to manage it, you must keep your wits about you and take certain steps to ensure that the party who is at fault for the accident is held responsible. It’s important to be diligent and take these steps after being involved in a truck accident.

Get Medical Attention

Above all else, you must make sure to get immediate medical attention after getting into an accident with a huge truck. Even if you feel as though you are not injured, this might be an illusion as adrenaline frequently runs high after a road accident. As a result, you might not immediately realize that you have, in fact, sustained injuries. You will want to get checked out just in case you may have some unforeseen injuries such as those that are internal. Secure medical attention for other people involved in the accident as well. Acting quickly can help to prevent injuries from getting worse and can even help to save lives.

Call 911

You should also call 911 to summon the police to the scene of the truck accident. Doing so ensures that the police can assess the scene, get evidence and make a report of the accident. This is especially important if you have sustained an injury and your car has been damaged and you plan on filing a personal injury claim. It is good documentation that you can use as part of the evidence to back up your claim.

Remain at the Accident Scene

You should also remain at the scene of the accident after the crash, at least until the police arrive. If you leave, you face the risk of possibly being charged with a hit and run even if you know the accident was not your fault. At the same time, you should make sure to stay clear of the roadway to avoid any additional potential disasters. If your car cannot be moved, step out and get to the side of the road while waiting for the police.

Document the Scene

You will also want to document the scene of the accident. This means that you should snap as many pictures of the damage and the road as possible. Focus on the vehicles involved, the skid marks on the road and anything else that is notable and relevant to the truck accident. You may also want to take down some notes of the events that led to the accident. Generally, anything that securely documents the scene can be helpful when you are planning to file a personal injury claim.

Contact an Attorney

You should also contact a personal injury attorney who is skilled in the area of truck accidents as soon as possible. A truck accident lawyer has the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively handle your claim and get the ball rolling so you can get the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, any ongoing treatment, lost wages, car repairs and more.

Establishing Liability

In an accident involving two cars and two drivers, establishing liability is fairly straightforward. However, when the accident involves a commercial truck, things may not be so simple. Depending on the factors of the case and what specifically led to the accident even occurring, your attorney will have to establish exactly who is liable. If the truck driver was negligent, it means they breached a duty of care. For example, if a witness noticed that the trucker was texting while behind the wheel, this is a sure indication that he was distracted and therefore, negligent.

However, there are other situations that may point to someone other than the truck driver being responsible for the accident. If the truck was improperly maintained or the cargo was inadequately secured, leading debris coming loose on the road and leading to an accident, the trucking company can be held legally liable. In addition, the trucking company may even be held liable if the truck driver behaved negligently. For example, if the company did not provide sufficient training to the driver, you can file your personal injury claim against it.