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Executive Protection Officers Are More Than Bodyguards

Companies across the world spend millions of dollars in the protection and security of CEOs and top executives. They understand why it is so important to keep the prying eyes of the members of the public from accessing the inside of the company and executives.

Are you considering to hire executive protection for yourself or your company? It is good to understand that these officers do more than just guard you against physical attacks and disasters.

Protection against physical aggression

The world is full of danger. From stage-managed road accidents to vandals, and malicious attacks, CEOs and high-net individuals require and deserve protection. Families and close associates of these executives also need to work, live and play around secured environments.

While physical threats are common at home and at the workplace, the most sensitive ones come when traveling. Executive protection and security officers have to work with organizers of events to thwart and neutralize potential risks. This is perhaps the basic role of close protection.

Executive protection handles medical emergencies

Every person can fall ill at any time. When executives and their spouses or family fall ill, this can spell disaster for the companies that they lead. For example, it is not uncommon for a publicly-traded company having its share prices tumble just because the CEO tripped and fell on the staircase.

In journalism, they say that bad news is good news. When the wife to the CEO of a top company is admitted to the hospital, this provides fuel to news, gossip and propaganda. Fortunately, executive protection can keep such news and events private and shielded from malicious intent.

Executive protection guards you against bad publicity

In most cases where organizations are in the news, it is because of a negative reason. Examples of these reasons are employee complaints, environmental issues, gender balance and lack of proper inclusion of locals in the affairs of the company.

Close executive protection prevents journalists and paparazzi from photographing, filming or otherwise publicizing the dealings of the business. This does not mean that corporates should engage in malpractices behind closed doors. In fact, every individual has a right to privacy, and executive security ensures that the right is preserved.

The competitors of an organization may become increasingly jealous of its success. For this reason, they may target the company with smear campaigns and malicious accusations to lower the good reputation in the eyes of the public. Close executive protection should counter this.

Protecting the privacy of executives

Technology is advancing at a high rate. Hacking has not been left behind as far as the development of malicious software is concerned. Close protection services can encrypt all computers, phones, and digital tools. This means that anyone who wants to uncover private company data or do identity theft does not succeed.

When closely guarded secrets and crucial data is leaked to the public, competitors can use this to bring the company down. With the services of executive protection units, such information is kept private. Experienced and well-trained members of close executive protection are conditioned to keep indemnify companies when they stumble upon such sensitive data.


Having understood the importance of close protection agencies for your company, agency or business, you can now decide whether or not to hire their services. It can come in handy to place your company operations in line with its objectives.

You could talk to executives who have hired these services in the past. These should refer you to credible providers of executive protection. You should hire these services from companies that can deliver their promise day and night. The sense of security then drives your business to thrive.