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How to Stay Healthy on a Shoestring Budget

Staying healthy in the modern world seems not so easy even when you have a lot of money, and especially when you don't. Even though, you should relax and read some tips on how to stay healthy with not so big budget. Let's start!

1. Drink lots of water

This is something you can do for yourself without wasting a single penny, and the impact on your health is enormous. You probably already know that we are beings mostly made out of water, and we need around 2 l of water on a daily basis so that our body can function normally. Actually, this will help you save some money, because you can eliminate almost all the other drinks from your menu. Water will help you stay fit, it improves functioning of your brain, and provides you a better sleep. The thing is that the most of us forget to drink enough water during the day , but there is a free solution to that as well! Just set the alarm on your mobile, and it will remind you every two hours to get your dose of pure health. It's simple as that!

2. Provide yourself some good sleep

Sleeping is not only a life savior when you're feeling down and blue, but it also has some incredibly good impacts on your health. It helps your brain cells and all your vital organs renew, and prepare for the next day. It would be perfect if you could provide yourself approximately 8 hours of sleep during the night. It is also recommended to sleep in a dark, ventilated room. Before sleep you can relax, listen to the music that makes you feel good, and forget about all the stress. All you need is a cosy bed and a couple of hours. Sweet dreams!

3. Exercising

One of the things that we find hard to begin with, but once we start, we just can't get enough. Doing sports gives an instant boost of health to your body. Your heart is working faster and pumping more blood, your lungs are taking in more air, so that your whole body soon becomes filled with oxygen. You will start to feel much better, and healthier. You will become released from stress, and your sleep will improve. And after some time, you will also start to look very fine. And the best thing of all, is that you don't have to waste any money to achieve this benefits! You don't need to pay for expensive couches, gyms, or workouts. All you need is either your room, or a little of space in a park nearby. Options are endless. You can go for a run, for a fast walk, practice yoga, or many other exercises. Internet and Youtube are filled with exercise videos, so that it has never been easier to start working out.

4. Eating healthy food

Even though the first thought is that healthy food is expensive, actually it is not. You don't have to buy all the fancy new products in organic shops, it is enough to put some healthy habits regarding food in your daily routine. First of all, you should make a timing of your meals, and stick to it, that will keep your metabolism in a good shape. Be aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so pay more attention to it. Avoid junk food and alcohol. Also, try to eat as much fresh food as possible. One more tip - you can save some money for buying some healthy food that will last for a longer time, and earn some money like that.

5.  Staying positive

Last but not least, the thing that impacts your health more than you know, is the health of your mind. And keeping healthy in your head is completely free. Try to spend some quality time with yourself every day, surround yourself with positive people, try to stay away from all the stress and negativity. Do good deeds for others, and the results won't fail. Share positive vibes, and health will be your companion!