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How to Shop and Return to Your Apartment While Social Distancing

When you live in an apartment complex, you get used to a particular way of living. Apartment complexes offer a lot of homes in a smaller amount of space. This means that you are used to bumping into your neighbors from time to time. You are likely friends with many people who live within your apartment building. Apartment living can be an enjoyable and social time. However, with the current situation going on in the world and social distancing orders in place, you might need to make a few changes on how you do things around your apartment complex.

The coronavirus has hit the world by storm, and we are now in what feels like an entirely different era. It can almost be a little creepy when you go out these days as everything is so much quieter and there are fewer people on the streets.

Even with fewer people leaving their low income apartments, there are still others out and about, and it is essential to make sure that you are taking some precautions to stay safe. By now, you have already heard about the CDC guidelines. These guidelines recommend wearing gloves and a mask when you venture out. You should be washing your hands often and making sure that you do not touch your face.

You know all the guidelines that are recommended to follow during these times, the question becomes, how far do you need to go to stay safe and to keep your friends and family safe?

Avoid People Like The Plague

Chances are you have heard the saying; I would avoid “that” like the plague. Today, that saying has come to fruition. When you have to leave your apartment, you should avoid people as much as possible. Make a game of it if you need to. It can be kind of fun to step away from others and to avoid coming into contact with people while you are out of your apartment and getting ready to go shopping. Try acting like a ninja and avoiding people at all costs. You can even buy fun masks to wear while you are out.

Social distancing is not necessarily ideal, but that does not mean that you cannot have some fun with it. Even if you cannot be near your friends, family, or neighbors right now, you can offer a source of entertainment and laughter when you go out to do your necessary shopping.

Avoiding People In Your Apartment When You Return

When you live in income based apartments and you are returning from the store, it can be tricky to avoid people while you are unloading your groceries. If you stocked up, there is a good chance that you will need to make more than one trip from your car to your apartment. Try to park away from other vehicles if possible. This will provide you with more space as you are unloading your groceries. You might have to walk a bit further, but it is worth it as it can help you keep your distance from others.

Once your items are safely inside of your apartment, wash your hands and then remove your mask. You should consider disinfecting the packages the food is in. Spray the boxes with some Lysol or remove the items from the packages and store them in containers. Take the packaging to your trash receptacle. This will ensure that if the packaging is contaminated, you have safely removed the issue from your home. If you do not want to remove the packaging in your home for rent, you can store the items in your garage or another area for 72 hours before you open it.

It’s Not Delivery, Wait It Is

Shopping is a chore, especially now that there are so many rules in place to help keep people safe. If at all possible, choose delivery services instead of venturing out into the public. The more you can stay inside, the better. If you can get things delivered to your apartment, you should. The goal is to stay in your house as much as possible, and delivery services are around to help you do just that. Now is the time to have the staycation of your dreams. Order your food, watch your favorite shows on Netflix, and enjoy this downtime that has been thrown at you.

Living during this particular time in the world is a bit surreal. A trip to the grocery store now takes planning. Little things that we once enjoyed, such as sitting down at a restaurant to enjoy a meal have been taken away. However, there are some benefits to this time as well. Make a game of your grocery store trips, enjoy your downtime, and, most importantly, remain socially distant for the time being.